Djuice SMS Packages [Daily, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly]

SMS services are a blessing to almost any individual around the world. Pakistan is one of the few lucky countries where telecom companies make it easy to avail free access to calls, SMS bundles and internet throughout the country in a much lesser cost than other parts of the world.
To facilitate more customers, Telenor has launched its Telenor djuice SMS packages to facilitate its customers in the most affordable manner.
Following the decline of the mobile transmission rate (MTR), the services for SMS have become cheaper in Pakistan. Djuice SMS packages are also famous for their multilingual offerings; they offer Urdu messaging service in Pakistan.
Before the launch and increased rate of WhatsApp users in Pakistan, the service of multimedia message service (MMS), was also covered under djuice message packages. Later, while looking at the high trend of WhatsApp use by youngsters, Djuice SMS bundle also started adding the options of free MB of WhatsApp along with the free SMS packages.
With the latest increase of SMS and other services, Telenor djuice SMS packages are presently offering daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages.

Djuice SMS Package Details

The use of SMS packages is not only convenient for the individual but also for group use. When talking about the group it focuses on the small group of employees. The use of SMS as a group has firmly increased these days.
Telenor djuice SMS packages include a huge database of different textile or FMCG companies which use the Telenor SMS service to air their monthly or weekly advertisements.
If you are a single seller or a group of individuals then read the following details about the Telenor valuable SMS packages:

Daily Messaging Bundle

  • Djuice daily SMS package includes the capacity of 300 messages daily.
  • The service starts from the time of its subscription and gets ended at the midnight of the expiry date.
  • It is applicable to the Djuice users only
  • Djuice daily SMS package can be used to send messages to any network in Pakistan
  • The price of this mini SMS package is Rs. 2 inclusive of tax
  • The code for this package is *2*2*1#

Daily SMS Bundle

  • This offer is for all the Telenor subscribers
  • It offers a 200 message capacity to all the networks in Pakistan
  • The durability of this package is short and must be used on a daily basis
  • the price of this SMS package is 4 inclusive tax
  • To subscribe, dial *345*116#
  • To check the remaining number of messages dial *111#

Weekly SMS Bundle

  • Djuice weekly SMS package offers 1000 messages to all the networks in Pakistan
  • This specific weekly package can only be subscribed via my Telenor App or Telenor official website
  • The validity of this weekly package expires on the 7th night of the week.
  • The price to subscribe to this offer is Rs 7.00 inclusive of tax
  • Regional tax will be applied

Weekly Messaging Bundle

  • This djuice weekly SMS package offers 1200 free SMS for the whole weekend
  • With an abundance of SMS package, it also offers 100 MB free WhatsApp service
  • This package is particularly for Djuice subscribers
  • The price of this weekly package is Rs.10 including tax
  • 15% tax withholding will be applied
  • To subscribe this cheap rate package dial *2*2*2#

5 Day SMS Bundle

  • This djuice daily SMS package provides 300 free SM valid for 5 days
  • This package is little higher in terms of tax in regions of Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • The price of this 5-day package is Rs.7.00
  • To subscribe, dial 555 or send a text message on *345*015#

SMS Minutes Bundles

  • This SMS minutes bundle is offering 700 SMS on different networks with the add-on of on net 12 minutes at any Telenor number valid for 7 days
  • The charges for this package are Rs.11.50 inclusive of tax
  • It can be availed by all the djuice, djuice din Raat package and djuice one subscribers
  • 15 paisa will be charged on all calls
  • To subscribe dial *345*105#

Monthly Messaging Bundle

  • Djuice monthly SMS package offers exclusively 10,000 SMS and 300 MB WhatsApp internet to its subscribers
  • This monthly package is more than enough for the daily SMS users
  • If your use of WhatsApp is not very frequent then you can also use Facebook instead
  • The charges for this package are 40 is charged
  • The validity of this package is for entire 30 days
  • For this djuice SMS packages code, dial *2*2*3#.

Postpaid SMS Packages

NetworkPackage NamePriceSMSValiditySubscription CodeStatus Information
TelenorTelenor SMS Package 30Rs. 30 + Tax250 SMS30 Days*345*761#*111#
TelenorTelenor SMS Bundle 60Rs. 60 + Tax600 SMS30 Days*345*762#*111#
TelenorTelenor SMS Package 200Rs. 200 + Tax6000 SMS30 Days*345*763#*111#
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