Helpline Number of Careem, Uber, SWVL, Airlift

Gone are the days when the lack of a functioning and reliable public transport system was a problem for the people of Pakistan. Now, with the advancement in technology, the transportation issue of Pakistanis is almost resolved with the evolution of the ride-hailing or taxi apps.

The carpooling and commute services are now safe, affordable, and easiest way for people to go to the office, university, market, or any other place. Right now, the 4 most famous commuting services in Pakistan are Careem, Uber, Bykea, Airlift, and SWVL. And from now or then, you just need to get in touch with their customer services to get your queries answered and issues resolved. Hence, we are listing down the possible ways to get in touch with their customer support.

Careem Helpline

Careem was established in the year 2012 and after spending almost 8 years independently, it got acquired by Uber in 2019.

Undoubtedly, Careem takes care of its customers by every means. From offering some incredible discounts to resolve customers’ issues, Careem is always up to facilitate its users with the best of the best services across Pakistan. So, if you are using the service or got into some issue while booking the ride, get in touch with Careem customer care, and they will help you out.

Careem helpline Number

  • Call Careem contact number is +9221111227336 or 111 CAREEM (227 336)
  • You can contact Careem customer care 24*7 through WhatsApp account. Just drop a message on +97144405269 any time of the day they will answer all your queries.
  • You can also get in touch with Careem customer support via Facebook, click here to send them a message.

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Uber Helpline

Uber is one of the most used commuting service of Pakistan. They take care of their commuters as well as drivers. Uber is now serving people of almost all big cities of Pakistan. Now, it’s not just a commuting app, but Uber is expanding its services to include mass transportation, payments, and delivery to keep people at ease and safe.

Uber Helpline Number

Uber clearly expanded very quickly this might be the reason that they lack to provide quality support and customer service to users. They aren’t offering a perfectly designed customer support, but yes, there are still quite a few ways to get in touch with Uber for problem resolution, here you go:

  1. For emergencies ONLY, Call (800) 353-UBER or (800) 353-8237 
  2. Visit the official Uber Help Portal 
  3. Reach out to Uber on Facebook or Twitter
  4. Recently, uber has introduced a voice note message app. Click here and get your message recorder. Then mention your name and email address, then press send.


While I was traveling back home from University via Uber, by mistake I left my original academic documents in the car. And when after a while I realized what I did, I panicked so much are searched for the ways to get in touch with their customer support. Then I came to know that there is a way to get your lost item back. Mentioned below is the way that I tried and for good, I got my documents back. 🙂

Steps to contact Uber about a lost item:

  • Go to and log in
  • Then, Under “Trips Issues and Refunds,” find the ride where you lost the item
  • Select the option “I lost an item”
  • Enter your phone number (an active one)
  • Uber will call you itself and connect you to your driver within 1 minute.
  • If the driver picks up your call, you can coordinate a time and a place to get your item back
  • If the driver doesn’t pick up or quickly respond, try the steps mentioned above after a few hours

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Airlift Helpline

With the slogan “Built by local transporters for local populations”, Airlift is trying its best to empower Karachities and Lahories with the safe, comfortable and affordable commuting service.

Their vehicles are up-to-date and drivers are professional and experienced. Airlift is leaving no stone unturned to keep its riders happy and satisfied.

The public transportation service has fixed routes that include major commercial hubs and residential areas. Thus, it is quite an appealing service for all the office going and university going people. They can avail of this outstanding commuting service on a daily basis without paying a huge amount monthly.

Airlift Helpline Number

  • By dialing 0311 1222806, you can talk to Airlift customer support anytime between 6 am to Midnight.
  • You can also get in touch with Airlift support via mail [email protected]


While writing this blog, I got in touch with Mr Shaan Ali, the customer support agent at Airlift. He guided me patiently with all the support-related information and timings. All in all, it was a great experience to get in touch with him and get to know more about this Pakistani brand. 🙂

SWVL Helpline

Arguably, before SWVL, nobody even thought to have affordable, safe, and comfortable public transportation. But with this high-quality commuting service, now we all can travel with ease.

Tho, Careem and Uber have been in the market for a long time, but they aren’t pocket-friendly to everyone. Thus, getting a ride-hailing service like SWVL is not less than a blessing.

The SWVL commuting service has started with the motive of revolutionizing transportation by providing a technology-based and pocket-friendly alternative to public transportation. They are meeting their users’ expectations by offering perfectly maintained vehicles along with the experienced drivers.

SWVL Helpline Number

  • You can reach out to SWVL active customer support via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for general queries.
  • To report an issue about a ride, please visit SWVL app’s Help section and report the problem by selecting that specific ride.
  • You can also email your concerns at [email protected] and SWVL will assist you ASAP.


When I started writing this blog, I contacted SWVL customer support via Facebook and seriously, they replied within minutes. Not just that, but the customer care department was so cooperative and helped me at their best. So it’s a personal experience that I thought to share. 🙂


We tried our best to gather all the customer support information about commuting services. However, if we are lacking any of the important information, you can always leave a comment.

If you have any info about any other carpooling or ride-hailing service, do let us know in the comment section below. In this way, you will help a lot of other people who are in search of better commuting ways. Cheers!

34 thoughts on “Helpline Number of Careem, Uber, SWVL, Airlift”

  1. What’s your active number ? No one knows kindly share iam regular rider and have a problem of dropoff location for both sides means going and coming where I tell my problem kindly tell me

  2. Pathetic customer care from swvl when you contact them with a real issue, have all the screen shots to prove that. They reply after hours, keep on adding pointless question to the chat until you give up or get busy with some thing and they just close the chat . The only thing they have been telling me for weeks is reinstall your app, and then your issue has been highlighted. Bunch of morons are handling their customers support

  3. I want to complain against driver.
    I called him but he didn’t pick my calls.
    Secondly I want to address my major issue regarding my pickup station.
    I want to request that, kindly add my station permanently because of this inconvenience it causes me too much rent.
    As my stop/station is TARNOL but I have to put MULTI GARDENs B-17.
    Kindly add my station in the list.

    Best regards


  5. Why dont SWVL not starting at office hours now. Nearly all offices are open in Karachi. I need Service from Checkpost 5, Malir Cntt. at 8.30am so to reach at 9am to my office at Caeser’s Tower. & return service at 5pm from Caeser’s Tower back to Checkpost 5. When will U start.??

    • Yes, we asked them about the same after reading your query, and they said that they are running service in Bahria town Karachi. Once the service will start again, you can look for their van stop that will be convenient for you.

  6. I booked seat #48 in SWVL Toyota Hiace JF-8646 from Nagan Chowrangi Karachi at 1.30pm on 27-03-2020 and dropped at Super Market Clifton .
    Driver Shahid Akram told me to pay RS.190- and gave him RS.200- (two notes of RS.100 denomination), he told me that he will put my balance of RS.20- in my wallet, but he cheated me and added only RS.50- in my account and my previous balance of RS.139- remained same and also RS.10-
    The above driver is a cheater and a black spot on SWVL.
    Kindly take an immediate action against him and punish him, so that other passengers should not be cheated by him.
    I am ready to cooperate any time with SWVL authorities in this regards.
    Hopefully immediate action will be taken against him.
    Ghulam Mohiuddin.
    Country Manager.
    Viosion Plus, Karachi.
    Cell #03002202975

  7. I traveled on car number JF-9361 Toyota Coaster. Driver Name M. Azeem
    whose driver was very abusive, before my Dropp station i was left from ride due to captain behavior.

  8. جناب قاسم سلطان صاحب السلام علیکم
    آپ بکنگ کرتے ہؤے پرومو کوڈ BUS50 ڈال دیں ۔ ہر رائڈ 50 کی ہو جائے گی

  9. I book trip on Tuesday 10.3.2020 time 6.15 pm form Karachi Press club to Burger Lab Gulistan-e-Jauhar my booking no.54 Van No.JG 0241 Driver Name M.Shahid Khan very problem faced my time was 6.15 pm and I stop 6.50 pm waited almost 50 minutes I call captain saveral times he said I am jist comming but not come refused me stop missing me very unresponsible captain not pickup to me….Now 1hour waiting faced so therefore next trip on 7.10 pm JF7022 booked to home….who resposible services….

  10. I booked swvl first time but very bad experience my time was 7:07 pm I waited almost 45 minutes with my daughter alone I called captain saveral times he said I’m just coming finally after 40 minutes I asked him that tell me clearly are you coming or not he refused me that I’m not what a worst service I tried to complain but there was nobody responding, captain name (noorullah hiace 2010 whicle no jf6604 as on 09 March I wish I could share screenshot

  11. محترم انتظامیہ میں آپ کا پرانا رائیڈر ہوں میرا موبائل فون ڈیڈ ہو جانے کی وجہ سے نئے فون میں ایپ لوڈ کی تو چارجز 150 روپے آرہے ہیں جو کہ بہت مہنگے ہیں کم چارجز کی سہولت حاصل کرنے کیلئے پرومو کوڈ کی ڈیمانڈ کی جاتی ہے جو کہ میرے پاس نہیں آرہا براہ کرم اس معاملے میں میری ہیلپ کیجئے، شکریہ

    • Please get in touch with their customer support, they will guide you the best. Or, just delete your previous account, delete the app and then try creating a new account by installing the app.

  12. on friday (7/02/20), it was my first time when i booked my ride through swvl but unfortunately i missed then on monday ( 10/02/20), i used ur promocode swvl100 nd took a ride, captain said ur total amount is 200, i payed to him 200 pkr.
    on tuesday(11/02/20) i also used promocode swvl100 nd payed 100 pkr.. on wednesday(12/02/20) i got notification by swvl for promocode “Bus50”, so i payed 50 rupees..
    then on thursday(13/02/20), i also used promocode “Bus50” because i recieved notification from swvl.. i gave 100 rupees to driver, 50 pkr for thursday and 50 pkr for friday(14/02/20).. captain said apky wallet m 150 pkr arhy hain.. mny unko kaha mny to apko every ride pr pay kye hain.. captain said k may be network problem ho i will check.. then on friday(14/02/20) captain again said apka wapis yhi problem arha hai k 150 pkr bn rha hai.. captain said k ap contact krn swvl service ko.. or unho n wallet krdya 50 pkr mazeed.. jbky m thursday ko 100 pay kr chuki thi friday k b.. sort out this problem.. otherwice i will switch to this service.. regular customer hokr b yeh problem arhi hain..

    • Aoa,

      Tooba jee, same case with me….I complaint swvl more then 50 times but they never resolve my issiue so I stop using their service…they are cheaters, Airlift is far far much better then swvl….no comparison

        • Dear SWVL
          I too of the opinion of Dr.Salman but in a refined form.
          Some of the Drivers are not good infact cheaters.
          There mode of cheating is that they try to miss the ride of customer by
          1. Not attending the Customer if he is calling.
          2. Changing the route by passing the customer station.

          By this way the booked customer got a penality and the driver gets a seat of his personal customer and get unrecorded cash.
          This is my practical experience and observation and a eye-witness too.

  13. i have one problem with ur ride.. i pay on each and every ride phr b captain khty hain k mere wallet m 150 rupees arhy hain seperately.. or ye 2 3 bar ho chuka hai.. i dont know whats the problem.. plz solve this issue.. i m ur regular customer.. one more thing i wanna said that ur service is good, i appreciate, captain is also good..

    • I started to have problem with swvl since yesterday morning. My fair was Rs50 and I paid 100 and asked the driver to add the change into my wallet but he didn’t do it. Secondly, I booked a ride for this morning and until the time of ride the system wasn’t showing the vehicle registration no. Add to this problem I couldn’t approach captain through call as the system was not allowing me to do so. Instead showing me message that you can only call captain when rhe trip start. Until the time of ride i tried to get hold of him and wanted to know the vehicle registration no but failed. Unfortunately, captain neither contact me nor stop at the pickup point and i was there waiting like a fool. Now the system is showing i owe swvl the fair because i missed the bus. Very unfair

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