Helpline Number UFone, Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Zong Code

There are a number of telecom companies catering to customers in Pakistan. Major cellular networks include Ufone, Jazz, Warid, Telenor, and Zong. To aid their customers, companies have introduced helpline numbers to answer questions and queries in real-time.

These helplines can also be used to activate packages, obtain recommendations about different tariffs and more. For instance, you can use the Ufone helpline to learn more about its internet packages and services. What’s best is that most of the helplines do not charge users so you can ask questions for free.
In this guide, we’ll take you through the different helplines.

Helpline Number of Ufone

Ufone aims to be a customer-centric organization and thus pays special attention to customer care. It is also considered among the best mobile network companies in Pakistan because of its affordable call and internet packages. You can reach out to Ufone’s service center for any questions and queries.

Details of Ufone Helpline Number:

  • Simply call 333 to reach the helpline from your mobile phone (you must have a Ufone sim)
  • Call 033-11-333-100 if you want to speak to customer service from your landline
  • Ufone’s customer service is also responsive via email and can be reached at [email protected]

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Helpline Number of Jazz

Mobilink offers a number of packages and tariffs such as Jazz First, Jazz Budget, Jazz Easy and much more. The easiest way to switch between packages is to call jazz customer care. Jazz helpline can be used to switch packages if you are a Jazz customer, avail information about further packages or get answers to any other queries.
Jazz is known to offer personalized customer care with representatives that speak in your regional language. This makes it easier for users to communicate their complaints and queries.

Details of Jazz Helpline Number:

  • Simply call 111 to reach the helpline from your mobile phone (you must have a Jazz sim)
  • Call 111-300-300 if you want to speak to customer service from a landline
  • If you are a Blackberry user, then dial 120 to get in touch with Jazz customer support
  • Alternatively, customers can also write to Mobilink by filling out a customer service form available on their website.

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Helpline Number of Telenor

Telenor focuses on promoting positive values as a reflection of their corporate responsibility. This is why the network has been regarded as among the best in Pakistan’s mobile telecommunication sector. Using Telenor’s helpline numbers are one of the easiest ways to have your questions and queries answered by a company representative. Simply dial the Telenor helpline code and you will be connected to a Telenor representative.

Details of Telenor Helpline Number:

  • Simply call 345 to reach the helpline from your mobile phone (you must have a Telenor sim)
  • Call +92 42 111 345 100 if you want to speak to customer service from a landline
  • Reach Telenor customer service via email at [email protected]

The Telenor customer support is at your service round the clock, 24 hours a day. However, note that Rs. 2 + Tax will be deducted each time you contact a Customer Relationship Officer using the helpline.

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Helpline Number of Warid

As one of the fastest growing mobile networks in Pakistan, Warid was the 7th mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani market. Postpaid Warid customers can access the helpline numbers free of cost. You can also visit their website to benefit from a number of support guides and quick help pages.

Details of Warid Helpline Number:

  • Call 321 to reach the helpline from your mobile phone (you must have a Warid sim)
  • Call 111-111-321 from any other mobile number or landline number
  • Email at [email protected] if you want to get in touch with their customer service via email

Prepaid customers will be charged 60 Paisas per call with an additional Rs1.79 when speaking to a Warid representative using the Warid call center number.

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Helpline Number of Zong

Zong has a strong customer base with over 300 million customers. If you are a Zong customer, you can easily reach helpline of Zong to answer your questions and queries.

Details of Zong Helpline Number:

  • Call 310 to reach the customer support from your mobile phone (you must have a Zong sim)
  • Call 111-222-111 from any other mobile number or landline number
  • For product related queries, SMS “help” to 310. This service is available free of cost

The helpline remains active 24/7. However, remember that Rs.2 + Tax will be charged every time you are connected to a Customer service officer.

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