How To Book Daewoo Ticket Online / Reservation

Founded in 1999 by Faisal Siddiqui – Owner / CEO – Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service LTD. Daewoo Express Pakistan provides luxurious long distance transportation services to all major cities within the country.

With over 350 buses of international standards operating nationwide, Daewoo offers one of the best bus travel services in the country. Daewoo operates from 58 terminals and sub terminals in Sindh, Punjab and KPK. Annually, over 6.6 million people use Daewoo’s services.

Offering unmatched services, Daewoo booking and reservation system previously involved visiting the office and purchasing tickets on-site. However, the company has recently launched its online ticket booking service. Travelers can now purchase their tickets without leaving their home. Read more to find out how you can use Daewoo’s online booking service.

Daewoo’s Online Ticket Booking Procedure

The procedure of booking Daewoo’s tickets online is pretty simple and easy. Log on to Daewoo’s Website and click on “Online Tickets.”

Daewoo’s Online Ticket Booking Procedure

You will then be redirected to the following page where you can select your departure and arrival locations as well as the date on which you wish to travel.

daewoo online ticket

After selecting the locations and date, a complete schedule of the journey will appear on your screen, which will tell you the departure and arrival time, fare, bus type, stops, available seats and the status.

daewoo booking procedure

You can book tickets as per your preferences. For instance, if you wish to leave early morning then select the bus accordingly or if you’re a person who prefers to travel after the sunset, then select the bus that departs at that time.

booking details

Fill in the details accurately for reservation/booking. After entering the details, press ‘Next’ and choose a seat. You’ll be provided with a Daewoo ticket booking number, which will remain valid for the next 15 minutes and you’ll have to make the payment within the time specified. If you fail to do so in the said time, your booking will be cancelled.

Daewoo Bus Fares & Schedules

If you wish to find out Daewoo’s bus schedules and Daewoo’s bus fares before booking, then click on the ‘Fare’ button on the menu bar.

Daewoo Bus Fares &a Schedules

Select the departure city and click on “Check Fare” to find out fares to various cities.

daewoo fares rates

Once you’ve selected your city, the following screen will appear on your screen telling you the fares from your destination to various cities.

daewoo cities fare list

Payment Methods to Book Daewoo Tickets Online

You can select one of the three payment methods to pay for your tickets online, because Daewoo’s online ticket reservation process is very simple. Daewoo’s online ticket payments can be made via debit/credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Jazz Cash and Daewoo Loyalty Card.

daewoo payment methods

For queries and other information, you can contact the Daewoo customer service team via email on [email protected], or get in touch with them through Daewoo’s contact number, 111-007-008.

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