How to Get Duplicate Papers Of Bikes, Cars or Any Other Vehicles in Pakistan

The auto-sector of Pakistan is booming, a fact that is clearly evident by the surge in vehicle sales in the country. With growing number of vehicles on the road, it has become crucial to explain the process of getting duplicate papers of different vehicles (including cars, bikes and others), since many of us have come across a situation where we lost the vehicle’s registration papers or they got stolen.
The process of obtaining duplicate papers for bikes or cars varies from city to city and you might face a lot of trouble if you’re not aware of the process, or the documents required. But if you’re unaware about the process, then don’t worry because we have you covered.
Car/bike registration in Pakistan is already a painstaking process and if you’ve lost your vehicle registration papers then this process only gets uglier. Therefore, we have created a guide listing duplicate papers charges, required documents for car/bike duplicate papers and locations of motor registration offices.

Required Documents for Car/Bike Duplicate Papers

In order to get duplicate papers, applicants will be required to arrange the following documents before forwarding their application:

  • Police Report
  • In case the Registration Certificate has been damaged or torn, the same should be enclosed with the application
  • Photocopy of applicant’s CNIC
  • Updated Token Tax Certificate in case of Non-Tie-up vehicles (except motorcycles)
  • Original Registration File in case vehicle is registered under the “File Return Scheme”
  • Chassis Number
  • Residential proof (can be any of the following documents)
    • Electricity or telephone bill
    • Rent agreement
    • CNIC
    • Registry
    • Allotment letter

If an applicant is a non-resident, then he/she will be required to submit the residential proof, contact number and CNIC of the person he/she is living with.

Duplicate Papers Charges

Motorcycles Duplicate Papers CostPKR 500/-
Car Duplicate Papers CostPKR 500/-
Heavy Traffic Vehicles (HTV), Rickshaws and Others Duplicate Papers CostPKR 1,000/-

Location Of Offices

It’s good to know where you have to go to get duplicate vehicle registration papers. This is why we have compiled a list of offices for vehicle registration across the country. If your vehicle’s papers are lost, then you should contact the office near you to get duplicate vehicle registration papers.

KarachiTughlaq House - Sindh Secretariat, Karachi, Pakistan.
LahoreMotor Registration Office, Abul Hassan Isfahani Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
IslamabadSector H-9, Service Road, Near HEC Building, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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  1. A.o.A
    Mene September me second hand bike purchase ki thi 2019 super power uski complete file kahin ghum ho gai hai ab mere pas srif uski sale receipt hai ab duplicate file kese aur Kitna kharcha (expenses) Kitna Hoga?
    Plz guide me

    • did you get your bike documents and how? my case is that my nana had the papers and he died. now we cant find the papers so we need to make to make new one…any suggestions??

  2. AOA, I lost my bike file and book. I have only 1st page copy how to required the documents for duplicate file and total cost of duplicate registration fees.

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