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NADRA Marriage Certificate – Procedure to Get Your Marriage Registered

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The Nikkah Nama or your NADRA marriage certificate is an important document concrete legal proof of Nikah or marriage record between two people (husband and wife) in Pakistan and other countries. There are two types of marriage certificates in Pakistan;

  1. The manual Nikkah Nama in Urdu
  2. Computerized Marriage certificate from NADRA

You all must be aware of the fact that getting a manual old school Nikkah Nama is no big deal. It comes with the registered Nikkah khuwan, to whom you have bestowed the power of tying the knot. The manual Urdu Nikkah Nama comes with an official stamp and the signatures of the registered Nikkah khuwan.

However, the NADRA’s computerized marriage certificate is necessary to have. Do you know how to apply for NADRA marriage certificate?? If not, then keep on reading to get done with yours. We have gathered every bit of information regarding the procedure of acquiring NADRA’s computerized marriage certificate.

Here you go:

Documents Required NADRA Marriage Certification

There are multiple legal reasons why having a computerized marriage certificate is a plus, the international factor being at the top. NADRA marriage certificate is a completely computerized form coming in both English and Urdu. People who have their manual Nikkah Nama, they can easily apply for the process, even if they got married decades ago.

NADRA, however, doesn’t provide the marriage certificate directly, thus, you have to go to the concerned authorities (Union Council, TMA Office, Cantonment Board Office and Arbitration Council in Islamabad) depending upon your locality to get the process started.

There are a few documents needed to get the process in progress.  The major requirements for the marriage certificate are;

  • Copy of Nikkah Nama / manual marriage certificate
  • Bride’s CNIC copy
  • Groom’s CNIC copy
  • CNIC copy of bride and groom’s fathers
  • Nikkah Khuwan’s CNIC copy
  • Passport copies in case if either the bride or groom is a foreigner.

Steps to Get Your NADRA Marriage Certificate

We have done all the homework and listed down the steps to follow for getting your NADRA marriage certificate. Follow the steps mentioned below to go through the NADRA marriage certificate form submission process smoothly.

  • Organize all the required documents mentioned above, and visit the relevant NADRA nikah Certificate issuing office. Local unions in all the major cities (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad and Peshawar) are completely authorized to issue NADRA marriage certificates by means of NADRA installed systems on an exclusive paper. Whereas, cantonment-based residents can get their certificate issued from the cantonment board office. For small cities, residents can concern the TMA offices, while Islamabad locals can acquire the marriage certificate from the Arbitration Council Office
  • The relevant office officials will then ask you to fill an application form for the NADRA marriage certificate
  • Once you submit the application form along with the required documents, you will be obliged to deposit the official fee in the same office.
  • After completing the process, now, probably, you will need to wait for 3-5 days to collect your NADRA marriage certificate from the same office. The officials usually give you a date to collect; however, the period might vary depending on the circumstances.
  • Make sure that all contents of your NADRA marriage certificate are accurate. Re-check and match your particulars mentioned on marriage certificate with your official documents. You can also ask for corrections if there is any typo mistake by the issuing office.

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From Where You Can Get Duplicate Nikkah Nama

Things can get pretty out of control sometimes and you may end up losing the stuff that is extremely important. In case, if you ever misplace Nikkah Nama and you’re now wondering from where can you get its duplicate, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve misplaced your Nikkah Nama and now you are looking for its reissuance, you must contact to the concerned authorities of the Union Council where it was registered, and then apply for a certified and attested duplicate copy. This task can become quite complicated, especially for those living abroad, as it would require frequent visits to the office.

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NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Tracking / Verification Online:

Unfortunately, online verification of NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan is not available for the general public and this could be done only by contacting or visiting the same issuing office.

  • Benefits of Computerized Marriage Certificate
  • Legal evidence of a marital relationship
  • For the identification of the relationship between two people (Bride & Groom)
  • Social and legal securities
  • Obtaining Immigration, Visa or Passport, and etc.
  • Obtaining Computerized CNIC.

Wrap Up!

We have gathered and presented all the information to get NADRA Computerized Marriage Certificate. We hope that all your questions are answered clearly with this article.

But still, if you need further help to understand the procedure or still have any queries, feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

NADRA Marriage Certificate - Procedure to Get Your Marriage Registered

Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan

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