How To Obtain A Driving License In Pakistan

Driving license is an official document that authorizes its holder to drive various types of motor vehicles on the roads. A valid driving license can be obtained through any licensing authority or designated traffic police office in the applicant’s district.
To the people who are unfamiliar with the process, obtaining a valid driving license can be a difficult task, unless proper rules and guidelines are followed. Therefore, we have created a step-by-step guide to help the people of Pakistan obtain a valid driving license.

The first step – checking eligibility for obtaining a driving license in Pakistan

An applicant has to meet the following criteria to be considered eligible for obtaining a driving license in Pakistan:
1) The applicant must be 18 years old or above. This is the most basic requirement to obtain a license in Pakistan and a person below 18 is not eligible to apply for the license.
2) The applicant must be physically and mentally able to drive/ride a vehicle.

The second step – gather the required documents

Here’s the list of all the documents you need when applying for a driving license in Pakistan:

  • 2 recent passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of domicile
  • Driving license form
  • Medical report (based on the eye test conducted at the license office)

The third step – obtaining learner permit

Every applicant is required to fill out the ‘Learner Permit Application Form’, and must attach two recent passport size photographs along with a copy of CNIC and medical certificate. Moreover, a ticket has to be obtained against the payment of PKR 60, which the applicant has to attach on the application form. The applicant should fill out the form properly and deposit it to the nearest license office.
The license application process is centralized and thus there is no geographical restriction. Application can be submitted to any license office according to the convenience of the applicant.
After submitting the required documents, the applicant must pass the practical and oral exams. The applicant’s eyesight will be tested in the practical test, in which s/he will be asked to read a vehicle’s number from a distance of approximately 20.5 meters. Whereas, in oral exam knowledge about the basic traffic signs and driving rules of the applicant will be tested.

Upon successful completion of the process, the applicant will receive a Learner Permit enabling him/her to learn driving, legally.

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The fourth step – obtaining a regular driving license

After obtaining the learner permit, the applicant has to wait for at least 42 days (normally considered as a learning period) after which s/he can apply for a regular driving license. In order to apply for a regular driving license, applicants are required to fill the “Regular Driving License Form-A”. With the form, every applicant should also attach 3 passport size photographs, copy of CNIC, Medical Certificate and original Learner Permit. Along with these documents, applicants are also required to obtain tickets against the payment of the prescribed amount, which they must attach with the application form.
Hereafter, the applicant has to submit his/her complete application file to the nearest traffic police office, who will then provide a time and date for the test.
An oral test will be conducted first, after which the applicant is required to demonstrate his/her driving skills in a practical test. In the practical test, the applicant will be asked to drive/ride the vehicle(s) for which s/he wishes to obtain the driving license under the supervision of a traffic police official.
A written test is mandatory for every applicant applying for Light Traffic Vehicles (LTV) and Heavy Traffic Vehicles (HTV) licenses. Upon successful completion of these tests, the applicant will be granted a regular driving license. The validity of almost every driving license is three years, which must be renewed before the expiration.
NOTE: Applicants who are 50 years old or above also need to obtain a Medical Fitness Certificate, which must be attached with the application form.

How To Obtain A Driving License In Pakistan
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The fifth step – for those who wish to obtain international driving license

The process of acquiring an international driving license has been simplified in Pakistan. However, a valid regular driving licenses is mandatory to obtain an international driving license.
Documents required to obtain an international driving license are:

  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Medical Certificate
  • Original Regular Driving License

Those who are planning to obtain an international driving license can visit new driving license centers, which are usually less crowded. Once you submit the required documents, the licensing authority will normally take 2 to 3 working days to issue an international driving license.

How To Obtain A Driving License In Pakistan
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