How to Sign-up As An Uber Driver

Pakistan’s second most sought out ride-hailing service, Uber, recently extended its reach beyond the cosmopolitan city, and launched its services in the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The ride hailing service has not just made it easier for people to have a cost-effective and hassle free travel experience, but it also has opened doors to new job opportunities and introduced a partnership program that people can sign-up to by registering their vehicle with Uber and becoming an Uber driver or partner.

This article aims at providing you with the basic insights into Uber’s partnership program and helps those who are planning to sign-up as an Uber driver or become a partner.

Uber Registration Process

In order to register yourself as a driver of Uber Pakistan, you will be required to follow the steps that are listed below:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Documents

  • Your passport-size photo


  • Valid Driver’s license


  • Vehicle registration documents


  • Vehicle insurance documents
  • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).


  • Make sure that vehicle registration number is listed.
  • All the documents that are mentioned above should show a valid expiration date.
  • Provide character certificate, signed by police station and other concerned authorities
  • Social referral certificates, which should be written by a non-relative, preferably your previous boss.

Step 2 – Signup Online

Once you have all the documents ready, the next step will require you to sign up through Uber’s official website. To sign-up, users will have to submit their personal information, which includes your name, email ID, phone number and city.

Those who are interested in joining Uber as a partner can get the online registration form at Uber’s Partners website. The ride-hailing company will contact you through your phone number or email in order to verify your account and/or to get additional documents. It is appropriate to mention here that Uber could use your phone number or email address to send your promotional material and offers.

After the online registration, the company will ask for verification documents like your CNIC, driving license, and other documents that are required for a background check to ensure the security of the passengers.


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Step 3 – Wait for Document Verification

It is also possible that Uber will conduct a criminal background check of prospective drivers. Character certificates and CNIC will also be investigated in order to make sure that all the submitted documents in the company are genuine.

Step 4 – Get an Uber Approved Car

Those who are looking for a driver to work for an existing Uber partner can ignore this section and move to Step 5.

Drivers also need to make sure that their vehicles fit the standard set out by Uber in the respective cities. Some requirements that are set by Uber include that the car should have no major cosmetic damage. Also, re-built vehicles and large vans or marked vehicles, such as taxi, cannot be used as well. Also, whatever vehicle that the driver will get will have to go through an Uber approved Vehicle inspection.

 Step 5 – Interview

Once you are done with all the preceding steps, the ride-hailing service will invite you to its office for an interview. Before going for it, make sure that you should have sufficient knowledge of all the areas in the city.

After taking your interview, they will check your vehicle documents, and if you have qualified in the interview, you will officially become an Uber driver or partner. You will also receive a cell phone issued by Uber with its property application preinstalled to enable you to immediately receive ride requests. However, if you wish you to use your own phone, you can return the cell phone to the company and get the app installed in your own phone.

Vehicle Requirements for Uber

  • Engine capacity: Any vehicle with an engine capacity of 600cc or more
  • Seating: Must have seats and seat belts for 4 passengers and the driver
  • There should be no cosmetic damage or missing parts in the car
  • Full-sized vans or trucks are not qualified to drive as Uber cabs
  • No commercial branding
  • Cars model year 2001 or newer qualify to drive with UberGO(Working AC is mandatory)
  • The cars should be registered

Following are the most popular vehicles for Uber, but others can qualify as well:

  • Toyota: Aqua, Yaris, Vitz, Corolla, Prius, Belta, Passo
  • Suzuki: Wagon R, Cultus, Mehran, Every, Liana, Swift
  • Hyundai: Santro
  • Honda: Fit, Life, City, Civic
  • Daihatsu: Hijet, Mira, Move

Driving Assistance

When you are ready to drive, all you need to do now is to launch Uber’s app and accept incoming trip requests.

Although, driving to pick a customer and reaching your destination is pretty easy, but being familiar with the ways around the city offers an additional advantage.

Uber app gives turn by turn direction to help the driver reach any destination without a hassle. The company claims to offer 24/7 support, whenever required.

Ratings & Payments

Uber drivers don’t have to worry about the payments. The company automatically deposits the amount to the driver’s bank account every week. The app also allows drivers to see how much money has been made on each trip. However, Uber deducts a small service fee for the use of its app and other related services.

Being an independent contractor offers freedom of choice and flexibility to the drivers. The driver’s performance is measured by his/her user ratings. Every time you finish a ride, the customer gets notified to rate the ride and give additional comments on the quality of service provided to them. Make sure that the quality of your service remains at par with the prevailing standard. The higher you’re rated, the greater are your chances of getting a bonus.


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  1. A.O.A .. I hope u r fine nd well.. I want to become a uber partner.I have cultus 2009 model.But have learning Just.. So is it possible as within few days license be issued to me..

  2. What is the process to join Uber but not as captain, would like to register car with Uber but driver would be a different personnel, or will it Uber ‘s mandate that would be assigned captain at their own?

    • If you have a driver, so he can drive your car otherwise you can visit any Uber franchise to ask for a driver. they will help you in managing a driver for your car.

  3. Hello. I have purchased a car but know I m on line registered my car on my name but the smart card of my name is in process. Can I become a captain or not please confirm.

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