Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Device Price and Packages

Wireless internet devices are quite popular now in Pakistan as they can provide you with internet connection on the go. Mobilink Wi-Fi devices are one of those that help you to remain connected to the internet. Right now there are two Mobilink internet devices available i.e. Jazz Wingle and Jazz 4G Wi-Fi device.

There are different Jazz dongles available for these Jazz 4G devices. We will discuss in more detail these devices, their prices, and packages in detail below.

Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Device Prices

Whenever you opt for a 3G/4G wireless Wi-Fi device, the main expense that you have to incur is the cost of that particular device. The prices of the Wi-Fi device and the wingle device vary from each other due to the difference in specifications.

Jazz 4G Wifi Wingle Device Price in Pakistan
Through both the devices you can connect up to 12 Wi-Fi connections along with 1 USB Tethering. The major difference between the Wi-Fi and the Wingle device is of the built-in battery that is present in the Wi-Fi device and not in the Wingle device. The Wi-Fi device gives a backup of 6 hours on a charge while for the Wingle device you have to keep it connected to a USB port so that it may work.

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4G Device Bundles

There are different Mobilink Wi-Fi device packages available from which the users can choose from. The Mobilink Wingle packages and Mobilink Wi-Fi packages are the same with same monthly price and internet data available. Following are the Jazz Wi-Fi device packages that are available to the users.

Jazz 4G Device Bundles Price

4G Device Bundle Recharge Subscription

Just like there are same bundles for the Jazz 4G devices, the Jazz Wi-Fi subscription codes for these devices are also the same. There are different Jazz 4G recharge codes for different packages. User can find the Jazz 4G device bundle subscription code in the table below.

Jazz 4G Device Bundle Recharge Subscription
Moreover, you can also subscribe or change your current Jazz 4G bundle for both Wingle and Wi-Fi devices. It is easy to do, follow one of the following ways mentioned below:

There are also multiple ways through which you can recharge your Jazz 4G Devices. All the ways of recharging the device are listed below:

  • Through Jazz Load & Scratch Card
  • In case of use of Scratch Card, use
  1. Go to http://m.jazz.com.pk
  2. Log onto Jazz Wi-Fi app and dial USSD
  3. Log onto Jazz Wi-Fi portal http://jazz.wifi/

How to Buy

There are two ways through which you can buy your Jazz 4G devices

  • Buy Jazz 4G devices online
  • Buy 4G devices from Jazz point or retailers

Once you have purchased the Jazz 4G devices you also need to perform Jazz 4G device biometric verification. After the verification process, you will be able to subscribe to the bundle of your choice.

4G device Bundle Terms and conditions

  • These bundles are also available on Data SIM
  • Internet offers can be subscribed to and consumed in 2G, 3G and LTE networks
  • Free incentive of 50% extra internet MBs is already included in MBB and DATA SIM bundle prices
  • Free incentive of 50% extra internet MBs is already included in above-given bundle prices
  • To check usage and validity, dial *6363# from your Jazz Other Contact Number or log on to jazz.wifi/
  • Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors like device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 3G site etc
  • PAYG browsing is not allowed on this data price plan. Users have to purchase broadband bundles to access the internet
  • Bundle overage rate of Rs: 0.36/MB will be charged after the bundle is consumed during bundle validity

All bundles are once off & will not auto-subscribe, for bundle subscription go to nearest Jazz retailer or dial *6363# from Jazz Other Contact Number.

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