A Complete Guide to Jazz Gold Offers

Being the leading cellular company in Pakistan, Jazz is required to come up with offers and packages that are competitive and provides a one-stop solution for its customers. The telecommunication company launched its Jazz Gold offer, which is the company’s highest usage offer for both postpaid and prepaid users. Apart from the introduction of Jazz Gold packages, the company also introduced a new Jazz Gold helpline 777 as well.

Jazz Gold for Prepaid

For its prepaid customers, the company has introduced different Jazz Gold monthly offers which include Jazz Gold Call packages, Jazz Gold Monthly Internet, and Super Advance. Information related to Prepaid packages and the subscription method is explained below:

Jazz Gold Monthly Offer

The Jazz Gold Monthly offer has been designed by the cellular company in order to cater to all the communication needs of its users whether it is calls, SMS, or internet usage for a whole month without any hassles. The Jazz Gold Month offer provides the following things.

On-Net Minutes1,800 Jazz + Warid minutes
Off-Net Minutes180 minutes
Internet1,800 MB

Jazz prepaid users can dial *707# to subscribe to the package at Rs. 590 only (inclusive of all taxes). The monthly offer is valid for 30 days. In order to unsubscribe the package, users can dial *707*4#. Information regarding the offer can be received by dialing *707*3#.


Jazz Gold Monthly Offer

Apart from the All-in-one Monthly offer, Jazz also strives to provide the fastest cellular internet in the country. Now Jazz has introduced a new internet offer called Jazz Gold Monthly Internet to provide blazing internet speed on your handsets. The monthly internet package includes 6GB of the internet at Rs. 500 only (inclusive of all taxes). The package can be subscribed by dialing subscription code *117*30#.

Jazz Gold Weekly Plus

While one package was the all-in-one monthly offer, they also introduced a weekly all-in-one offer called Jazz Weekly Gold Plus. Details of the weekly package are given below.

On-Net Minutes1,000 Jazz + Warid minutes
Off-Net Minutes20 minutes
Internet1,000 MB

The offer is available for Rs. 150 only (inclusive of all taxes) with a validity of 7 days only. You can subscribe to the weekly Gold Plus offer by dialing *770#.

Super Advance

Jazz is now giving out the advance balance to its users called Super Advance. Subscribers can avail the service by dialing *113# to subscribe to the service where they will receive a balance of Rs. 30. However, the balance will only be provided if the customer balance is less than Rs. 15. In order to avail of the Super Advance service, the Customer needs to recharge Rs. 50 or more in their accounts. However, the offer is valid for only prepaid customers of Jazz and Warid.

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Jazz Gold Weekly for Postpaid

Just like the prepaid packages, there are Jazz prepaid packages as well. In the Jazz Gold Postpaid packages, there are different offers like J300, J600, J999, and J1500. We will be discussing all these packages in detail below.

J300 Package

J300 Jazz package consists of the following perks:

  • 1,000 on-net minutes (Jazz + Warid)
  • 150 off-net minutes
  • 500 MB mobile internet
  • 150 SMS (all networks)
  • F&F Call rates: Rs. 0.75/min
  • Local call rates: Rs.1.50/min
  • SMS charges: Rs. 0.75/SMS
  • Monthly line rent is: Rs. 300 Exclusive of taxes

J600 package

The J600 Jazz package includes the perks mentioned below:

  • 2,000 on-net minutes (Jazz + Warid)
  • 300 off-net minutes
  • 1GB Mobile internet
  • 300 SMS (all networks)
  • F&F Call rates: Rs. 0.75/min
  • Local call rates: Rs.1.50/min
  • SMS charges: Rs. 0.75/SMS
  • Monthly Line rent: Rs. 600 Exclusive of taxes

J999 package

J999 Jazz package has amazing perks, here you go:

  • 5,000 on-net minutes (Jazz + Warid)
  • 500 off-net minutes
  • 2GB Mobile internet
  • 1,000 SMS (all networks)
  • F&F Call rates: Rs. 0.75/min
  • Local call rates: Rs.1.50/min
  • SMS charges: Rs. 0.75/SMS
  • Monthly Line rent: Rs.999 Exclusive of taxes

J1500 package

Following things are included in the J1500 Jazz package

  • Unlimited* on-net minutes (Jazz + Warid)
  • 500 off-net minutes
  • 7GB Mobile internet + 1GB (Facebook & Whatsapp)
  • 7,000 SMS (all networks)
  • F&F Call rates: Rs. 0.75/min
  • Local call rates: Rs.1.50/min
  • SMS charges: Rs. 0.75/SMS
  • Monthly Line rent: Rs.1500 Exclusive of taxes

*Fair usage policy of 7000 minutes

Other Packages Detail

Apart from all the above-mentioned packages, Jazz customers can also subscribe to additional bundles that are given below.

J All-Network Postpaid Bundle

Bundle nameFree MinutesMonthly ChargesValidity
J All-Net Lite100 minsRs. 100/-1 month
J All-Net Mini200 minsRs. 200/-1 month
J All-Net Smart300 minsRs. 300/-1 month
J All-Net Super400 minsRs. 400/-1 month
J All-Net Budget500 minsRs. 500/-1 month
Add OnFree MinutesMonthly ChargesValidity
100 All Net100 minsRs. 125/-1 month
200 All Net200 minsRs. 250/-1 month

J On-Network Postpaid Bundles

Bundle nameFree MinutesMonthly ChargesValidity
J Talk LNO & Weekend1000 minutesRs. 200/-1 month
J Talk Budget1000 minutesRs. 500/-1 month
J Talk Unlimited5000 minutesRs. 1000/-1 month

J SMS Bundles for Postpaid

Bundle nameFree SMS All NetworksMonthly ChargesValidity
J SMS-1300Rs.30/-1 month
J SMS-2600 Rs. 50/-1 month
J SMS-3UnlimitedRs. 150/-1 month

J Data Bundles for Postpaid

Monthly Streamer2000 MBsRs. 250
Monthly Premium5000 MBsRs. 500
Monthly Supreme8000 MBsRs. 800
Monthly Mega12000 MBsRs. 1200
Monthly Ultimate25000 MBsRs. 2,000
Jazz Add OnsVolumePrice
Data Add On 11000 MBsRs. 200
Data Add On 22000 MBsRs. 300
Data Add On 34000 MBsRs. 400

All these amazing packages and offers from Jazz are now of much more use, keeping in mind that Warid has also merged with it and these on-net and off-net minutes will come in handy for more than 53 million users.

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    • Jazz has launched Jazz Gold for prepaid and postpaid individual customers who can enjoy superior connectivity, unmatched customer experience and exclusive offers for Minutes, MBs and SMS, separate dedicated helpline 777 is there to help you or dial *7777# menu for the offers that best suits to you. Thank you

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