List of 10 Top Schools in Lahore

Whether you’re looking for a school that will teach your child not only to read, write or speak, but also teaches them the etiquettes, we’ve got you covered. Here is the list of 10 top schools in Lahore:

School education is a very important part of life. It is an achievement to get educated in the right school where you learn your basics and build up your character. And Lahore is home to some of the best schools in Pakistan.

It’s a city with a lot of schools that have produced some of the brightest minds in the country and around the world. Lahore is not only one of the most populated cities in Pakistan, but also one of the most diverse as far as culture is concerned.

It can be hard to find the right one for your child. So we’ve narrowed down the list of top 10 schools in Lahore, based on student success rates, average results, faculty satisfaction and parent satisfaction.

BeaconHouse School System

Beaconhouse School System is one of the Best O’Level schools in Lahore. As a school, it has a history of preparing students for success in their chosen fields. This educational institute is an example of how to build your own brand.

Fees Structure: The fees are taken every two months and the fee challan usually comes within two months. In the range of Rs 34,000 to Rs 38,000. Admission fees for Beaconhouse include registration fee, admission fee (usually close to one month’s fee), security fee equal to two months’ fees, library security, computer charges, and other fees making it Rs 90,000.

Sector: Private
Qualifications offered: Kindergarten, Preparatory, Secondary, Higher Secondary, O levels, A levels
Contact: 042 37807791

Lahore Grammar School

One of the oldest and best private schools in Pakistan, Lahore Grammar School is also known as LGS. It was established in 1979 and has branches across the country. Nowadays it has a total student population of around 1100 students in different levels.

Lahore Grammar School is built on the values of excellence, teaching and a distinct culture that allow students to be successful not just at school but also in their adult lives.

Fee Structure:

Playgroup to Kinder: PKR 31,450 per month
Grade 1 – 5: PKR 34,200 per month
NYP Year 1 to 6: PKR 31,450 per month
Admission Fee (all grades): PKR 40,000

Address: Main Gulberg, Lahore
Contact: +92 42 35712566
Email Address: [email protected]

The City School

Fees Structure: The city school Ravi campus Lahore (class playgroup-class 5) is Rs 37,000 for two months.

The city school DHA Lahore fees Rs 38,000 per month(PG-class 7th)
Contact: 111-444-123
Address: Block E3 Block E 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Aitchison School

Aitchison College, named after Sir Alexander Aitchison, is a prestigious school by the British and has since been named one of the “10 Best Boarding Schools in Lahore”. It is one of the oldest colleges in Pakistan and has educated generations of students from all over the country.

It was established with an aim to provide education to those people who did not have access to education due to financial constraints or other reasons. The college is also known for its academic excellence and excellent facilities available for its students.

Fee Structure:

Address: Mall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab
Phone Number: (042) 36317201
Email Address:  [email protected]

National Grammar School

National Grammar School is one of the best schools in Lahore. Established in 1988, the institution provides education of Primary, secondary, and preparation for international general certificate of education examination.

Fees Structure: One time admission charges 53000 Rs.

Per month charges 46000 Rs


Senior School: 042-35756514 – 042-35756515
Junior School:  042-35750855 – 042-35750866


Senior School: Co-Education, Grade 6 to A-Level 22, D-1 Gulberg III Lahore.
Junior School:  Co-Education, Preschool to Grade 5 260 Upper Mall Lahore.

Crescent Model Higher Secondary School

Crescent School, which was founded in 1968, is a private school in Lahore. It is located at Gaddafi Stadium, where it began as a classroom with just 35 students. The school offers education from class one to matriculation. Besides its classical curriculum, the school also puts emphasis on character building, physical training, and cognitive development. For that, Crescent has introduced a number of societies and clubs for the students.

Sector: Private
Qualifications offered: Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE, Matriculation, FSC, A level
Contact: 042 37421361

Blessed Islamic Grammar School

Blessed Islamic Grammar School is considered as one of the best Islamic Schools in Lahore. Our school aims to provide children top quality education in all the subjects till the completion of their O-levels according to Cambridge University. The school not only provides an opportunity of reading the Holy Quran (Nazra) but also equips them with knowledge of Fra’iz and Sunnah.

Contact: 0314-3416422
Address: Canal Bank Road Shah Jamal, Lahore City., Lahore

Kips School Lahore

KIPS is a school and college in Lahore, Pakistan. It is known for its evening Coaching Centre, test preparation, and foreign test preparation. The school is also known for its school and college programs.

Since 1992, KIPS has created the brightest Pakistani minds who are already recognized by top universities for their outstanding performance.

Note: KIPS is only a matric system, no Olevel’s. 

Fees Structure: Visit the nearest branch of KIPS to find out the current fees.
Contact: 042111547775 (10AM – 7PM)
Address: 49-R, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan

Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School was founded in 1984. It was founded by the collaboration of educationists of Pakistan and the UK. School follows the British curriculum style and prepares students for GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.

The school has been providing quality education to its students since then, helping them to become successful in their career and life. With a team of dedicated professionals working alongside them, our students are able to achieve their dreams and goals with ease.

Sector: Private
Qualifications offered: Montessori, Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE, Matriculation, FSC, O level
Contact: 042 35764687

Olive Tree Montessori and Pre-school Lahore

The Olive Tree Montessori and Pre-school Lahore is one of the best Montessori schools in Lahore. It has a total of three branches, one in Lahore and two in the United Kingdom. The school totally follows the British Curriculum.

The school is located in the heart of Lahore and provides an environment for children to learn how to be open-minded, strong-willed, independent and creative.

Address: Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
Phone Number: +92 302 8815435
Email Address: [email protected]

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This is the conclusion of my article on top 10 schools in Lahore. I have done extensive research before including the schools in the list. I hope you enjoyed reading and found it useful.

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