How to Unlock Mobilink Jazz SIM PUK Code

A PIN Unlock Key or Personal Unblocking Key (PUK code) is a unique number that’s used to unlock the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card for your phone. If you are Jazz Mobilink sim user and for some personal or security reasons you have enabled PIN code security feature on your SIM then you are the only one who would surely know how important it is to remember your SIM PIN/PUK code

But, What if you have entered the wrong SIM Pin Code more than 3 times in a row? Locked your SIM? Don’t worry, this article will guide you on how to recover, reset or unblock your Jazz SIM with PIN/PUK code. Here’s how you can obtain your PUK code.

Jazz Default PIN PUK Code

If you have not set any PIN code on your device then Jazz default PUK code is 99999999, PUK2 code 56789123 and PIN 2 code is 1234. This method works on active Sims.

Get Jazz Mobilink SIM Reset Code From Helpline:

If your sim has locked and default code is not working for you then this method will help you to reset the code.

  1. Call Mobilink Jazz customer helpline by dialing 111 from other Jazz SIM then Press 0, or from a landline or another mobile network dial 111300300 or if you are calling from cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi then add +92 or 0 before the number
  2. Customer Care Representative will ask for required information which includes Name, Mother’s Name, Address etc. and SIM number which is printed on the back of your SIM card that is consisted of between 8 to 15 digits
  3. Once SIM Owner verification is completed, Mobilink Customer Care Representative will provide you required information (Jazz PIN/PUK Code)

Apart from these two methods, there is no other way of obtaining a Jazz PUK code. A lot of people suggest using online software for obtaining a PUK code. However, this is not true. There is neither a Jazz PUK code trick nor an online software that can generate PUK codes. There are a lot of softwares in the market that claim to generate Mobilink Jazz Sim PUK code for unlocking. Too many failed attempts for PUK code will result in permanent blocking of your SIM card. Thus, stay away from all such softwares, and do not fall for them as they provide no solution to your problem.
Moreover, if you’re using a smartphone, it is recommended that you use an app locking application instead of a PUK code for protecting data on your SIM. These applications are extremely effective and are easily available on the App Store, as well as on Google play store. Moreover, these apps are free of cost. This means you can protect your data and get security without any additional cost.

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