The Procedure To Transfer From One Government College To Another Government College

Introduction of Transfer Certificate

Getting into one of the prestigious government colleges of the country is a dream for many students. However, at times, a situation may arise when you have to transfer govt college. This might be because of relocation or because of any other unavoidable situation that has made transferring colleges inevitable.

Many people have no knowledge about government college transfer. As a result, they end up losing the admission and a year of studies. They have to take admission again to resume the studies. But this isn’t the case. All one has to do is to obtain a transfer certificate from the education institute and submit it in the other college.

In this article we will look at how to transfer colleges. More importantly, we will see what procedures should be followed for transferring colleges after one year.

Steps of Transfer College

Once you have decided which the best college to transfer to is, you will have to follow the following hassle-free college transfer process. When you are transferring to another college, you will need a transfer certificate or a migration certificate.

This is normally available at the admission department of a college. Get the free of cost form and get it signed from the head of the college. The college will charge you a nominal fee for the issuance of the Migration Certificate.

If it happens that during the college transfer procedure, the applicant has already left the city or is unable to come and collect the form, he or she can request for the certificate to be sent to home.

For the college-to-college transfer you’d need:

  • The B-form or, if applicable, the CNIC
  • Attested copy of your past result — in case you are transferring college after one year, then you’d need attested mark sheet of the first year.
  • A copy of clearance form, also called NOC or no objection certificate, which is given by colleges to endorse that the applicant has followed all steps of college transfer and that the institute has no objection in their transfer, whatsoever.

Receive Transfer Certificate

Generally, when you leave the school, you are given a transfer certificate that allows you to continue your studies at a higher level. Here the transfer certificate refers to the certificate you need when you change a college during the ongoing year.

Follow the above mentioned steps and file a transfer certificate application. Make sure all of the required documents are attested. The application can be made when you have applied to another college. Get all your certificates signed from the head of the institute.

Once received, you may file the same in the college you are being transferred to and begin or resume your college years.

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