Ufone Super Card Family Packages [Updated]


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with our loved ones is of utmost importance. Ufone, one of Pakistan’s leading telecom companies, understands this need and offers an exceptional solution with their Super Card Family Packages. These bundled packages provide convenience, affordability, and seamless connectivity for the whole family.

DetailsSuper Card GoldSuper Card 899Super Card MaxMini Super CardSuper MinutesSuper Internet
PriceRs. 1199Rs. 899Rs. 749Rs. 399Rs. 170Rs. 160
Off Net Minutes600450350100170-
U-U & PTCL Minutes7500600050001000--
Internet30 GB20 GB10 GB3GB *1.5 GB
SMS 5000600045003500--
Validity 30 Days30 Days30 Days15 Days7 Days7 Days
To subscribe dial*900#*899#*629#*230#*210#*220#
To subscribe for a loved one dial*3*2#-*3*2#---
To Unsubscribe dialSMS Unsub to 3030SMS Unsub to 3030SMS Unsub to 3030SMS Unsub to 3030SMS Unsub to 3030SMS Unsub to 3030

Simplified Activation Process:

Activating Ufone Super Card Family Packages couldn’t be easier. Users can simply dial a USSD code or visit the Ufone website to purchase their desired package. The process is quick, seamless, and available 24/7, ensuring that users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity at any time.

Super Card Gold:

Priced at Rs. 1199, the Super Card Gold is a comprehensive package that provides users with an array of benefits. It offers 600 off-net minutes, 7500 U-U & PTCL minutes, 30 GB of internet data, and 5000 SMS. With a validity of 30 days, this package caters to those who require a substantial amount of talk time and data for their day-to-day communication needs.

Super Card 899:

Available at Rs. 899, the Super Card 899 is a cost-effective option that offers an enticing set of features. It includes 450 off-net minutes, 6000 U-U & PTCL minutes, 20 GB of internet data, and 6000 SMS. With a validity of 30 days, this package is suitable for individuals who desire a balance between affordability and sufficient benefits.

Super Card Max:

The Super Card Max, priced at Rs. 749, is designed for users who require a moderate amount of resources. It provides 350 off-net minutes, 5000 U-U & PTCL minutes, 10 GB of internet data, and 4500 SMS. With a validity of 30 days, this package is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features.

Mini Super Card:

For users with lighter usage requirements, the Mini Super Card priced at Rs. 399 offers a compact package. It includes 100 off-net minutes, 1000 U-U & PTCL minutes, 3GB of internet data, and 3500 SMS. The validity of 15 days makes it suitable for individuals who need a short-term solution or have intermittent connectivity needs.

Super Minutes:

Super Minutes offers 170 minutes for all networks, ensuring seamless communication at an affordable price. With a validity of 7 days, this package provides a quick and convenient option for individuals who primarily rely on voice calls rather than data or SMS.

Super Internet:

If your internet usage is relatively light, the Super Internet package provides 1.5 GB of data at an affordable cost of Rs. 160. This package suits users who need a limited amount of data for browsing, social media, or staying connected on-the-go.


The table above provides a comprehensive overview of the various Super Card packages offered by the telecom company. From the feature-rich Super Card Gold to the budget-friendly Mini Super Card, there is an option available for every individual’s needs and budget. Whether you require a generous amount of talk time, extensive internet data, or ample SMS, these packages offer flexibility and convenience.

To subscribe to any of these packages, simply dial the respective USSD code mentioned in the table. Additionally, the loved ones option allows you to share the benefits of your chosen package with a family member or friend. To unsubscribe from any package, send an SMS with the “Unsub” keyword to 3030.

Before making a decision, consider your usage patterns, budget, and the benefits that align with your requirements. By selecting the most suitable Super Card package, you can optimize your mobile experience and stay connected effortlessly.

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