Which is Better For Pakistani Students: A-level or FSc?

One of the toughest decisions for a student is to decide between GCE’s A-level and FSc. There is no simple answer to this question. One must consider a lot of factors before making the final decision. This one decision leaves a profound impact on one’s career, therefore the decision must be taken after considering all the factors.

Let this article help you determine which one is better for you: A-level or FSc.

A-level Education

Students with CIE system background prefer A-level in Pakistan due to the same examination system. After completing their O-level, they prefer to continue their studies with the same system. Another reason why A-level is preferred by students is the availability of various options while choosing the subjects. Students can opt for mathematics and can even keep their options open when choosing their field.

Another factor that makes A-level different is the standard and quality of education it offers. The examination system is based on conceptual testing. This system is much better compared to the local testing system, where students have to memorize everything like a parrot. They do not pay attention to the concepts related to the subjects in FSc system because they believe that the examination system is such where concepts are of little importance.

A-level certification also makes it easy for students to get admission in private universities. Since it is an internationally recognized education system, students can easily apply for admission in foreign institutions.

FSc in Pakistan

FSc is a standard intermediate education system in Pakistan. It is a feasible option for students who plan to continue their studies within the country. FSc is a recognized education system in Pakistan and students pursuing their education through the local education board can easily apply for admissions in the government universities. This system also prepares you for the hardships you may face in future.

On the other hand, if your grades are affected in A-level, your chances of getting admission in a private university will also be affected. Thus, this is another reason why a lot of students opt for FSc in Pakistan.

Which is better: A-level or FSc?

When comparing the two systems, students commonly ask “is FSc easy?” However, aspects such as quality of education and examination standards should be considered. All such factors should be evaluated in order to understand the difference between FSc and A-level.

The main difference between A-level and intermediate education in Pakistan is the education quality and the different fee structure of both the systems. After comparing the two systems, we present you the conclusion. If you want to study medicine or other related fields then you should choose FSc. However, if you want to pursue a career in business or engineering, then you should choose A-level. We hope that this article has ended your dilemma of FSc vs. A-level.

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  1. Chose Medical while doing my A levels.. Probably the worst decision in my life. If anybody wants to go for A levels that person must have a great financial background. Otherwise its just a waste of money. Its really great if you guys want to study abroad but if one one wants to study here then you should really go for fsc, even if the person wants to pursue a career in engineering. All the entry tests include the fsc syllabus and almost none from A levels. Many of us study further here so in my opinion dont waste your money and time on O and A levels.. unless youre financially way better.

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