How to get Duplicate Academic Certificates

It is natural that something unfortunate may happen and may result in the loss of valuable items is as true as it can be. There can be multiple incidents that can lead to loss of important and confidential documents – including a person’s academic certificates. It’s human to err and this means that it is plausible to assume that one in ten people might have left the file at a counter, put the file in the wrong pile during the spring cleaning day, left the file in the public transport, or other such accidents.

Procedure to Get Duplicate Certificates

Lodge an FIR for Lost Academic Certificates

Be it the request for the copy of matric certificate, or for a duplicate certificate after the loss of original matric certificate, or for duplicate degree certificate, it is essential to file an FIR at the police station and give an ad in newspapers to bring into public’s knowledge that your documents are lost. These are the documents that are required by every board that entertains the request for duplicate degree certificates, duplicate matric certificates, and duplicate intermediate certificates. In addition, the same process – of filing an FIR and publishing an ad – should be followed if one wishes to lodge a duplicate mark sheet application.

Attestation Request to HEC for Duplicate Degree

The HEC would require “the original FIR along with the newspaper showing the announcement of lost degree” and the certificate issued by it will “reflect the word ‘Duplicate’ on the face of the original document”. The attestation request for the duplicate certificate of degrees – graduate and postgraduate – that are approved by the HEC can be made either in person or by post. The HEC allows the degree holder to nominate a person – a real blood relation — who can argue the case on his/her behalf.

Request for Duplicate Matric/Inter Certificates/Marksheets

For duplicate matric certificate or for an intermediate certificate, students can request the relevant board to issue the duplicate transcripts/mark sheet or certificate. The form for the same could be found at the official website of the board. The challan fee differs and will be notified once the form is submitted. The form may require your following details, including but not limited to, name, father’s name, email address, and contact number.

Request for Duplicate O/A Level Certificates

For students who have completed their intermediate from a foreign board can apply for the same through the official website of the board. Candidates who have completed O/A Levels can follow the following process to request for a duplicate certificate.

Where a certificate is lost between the center and the candidate, Cambridge English will issue a duplicate copy provided that:

  • an application for a replacement certificate is made in writing by the center of entry within 12 months of the exam date
  • the examination center has attempted to trace the certificate via the postal system
  • it is more than six months since the exam date.

While losing important documents is stressful,  almost all education boards allow its students to apply for duplicate certificates. Follow the steps mentioned above and be relieved.

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