How to Register Yourself as a Captain at Careem

Gone are the days when mobile phones functionality was limited to calls and messages and the concepts of email, digital marketing, internet and smartphones were non-existent. Things have changed. The technological advancements have changed the way we used to communicate and manage our day-to-day affairs. One of the by-products of such advancements is the on-demand economy.

Innovations have changed the entire landscape of business. Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing and the idea of a mandatory brick-and-mortar office has vanished into thin air. People with great ideas can easily start a new business with just a mobile application or a website regardless of their geographical location.
A great idea identifies a gap or an opportunity in the existing market and converts it into a successful business. Online ride-sharing services like Careem and Uber are the perfect examples of how great ideas can be converted into successful realities.

With this article, we intend to help our readers understand how they can benefit from such innovative ideas. Careem is the first online car booking (ride-sharing) service of Pakistan and enjoys the first mover advantage. The company helps people commute easily by connecting them with its drivers (referred by the company as captains) through its Careem app. Careem offers various incentives to its captains as well as to its customers.

As a customer, you can benefit from Careem’s service by using it to commute hassle-free within the city. Whereas, as a Careem driver or captain you can make money. However, some people don’t know how to register themselves as a Careem captain, while others have trust issues. This article will only address the former, which will eventually remove any trust issue you may have. .

Why Work As A Captain at Careem?

Perhaps the simplest answer to this question is “to earn.” Personal reasons may vary from individual to individual, but everyone wants to earn more and Careem offers the easiest way to make (extra) money. We have list down some of the benefits to register your car at Careem. Let us help you explain more benefits of working as a captain at Careem.

Extra Income:

There are many ways to earn extra income like investing in real estate or stock market, then why Careem? Because, it minimizes the risks and offers great returns. Extra income through Careem is stable and thus you can plan your future activities.

Also, if you own a high-end vehicle, you can register your car in the business category since Careem’s business cars enable drivers to earn more money. Additionally, Careem also offers bonuses to its employees (Careem captains) if they meet the performance criteria set by the company.

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Flexible Working Hours:

As a Careem captain, you can drive whenever you want, hence you don’t have to leave your existing job. You can keep your job in the morning and while getting back to home, just switch the application on and make money on your way home.

Buy A New Car

Perhaps the most lucrative benefit of working as a Careem captain is that you can buy a new car on installments. You don’t need to invest your entire savings into buying a new car. Just obtain car financing from any bank of your choosing, start working as a Careem captain and pay the rest of the installments with the income from Careem.

Careem Office Locations & Contact Numbers

Careem Locations by CitiesCareem Phone Number
Karachi(021) 111-227-336
Lahore(042) 111-227-336
Faisalabad(041) 111-227-336
Islamabad(051) 111-227-336
Hyderabad(022) 111-227-336
Peshawar(091) 111-227-336

Car Model Requirements For Careem

Economy ClassGo Class
Toyota Corolla, Honda City/Civic or any comparable locally assembled sedan car manufactured between 2008-2013
Imported Japanese sedan cars manufactured between 2008-2013
Toyota Corolla, Honda City/Civic or any comparable locally assembled sedan car manufactured between 2001-2007
Locally assembled hatchback cars (660-1000cc) manufactured between 2012-2017 (locally assembled Mehran & Alto are not acceptable)Locally assembled hatchback cars (660-1000cc) manufactured between 2002-2011
Japanese imported hatchback cars manufactured between 2012-2017 Imported Japanese hatchback cars manufactured between 2002-2011
(locally assembled Mehran & Alto are not acceptable)
CNG not allowedCNG allowed with a CNG certificate

Basic Requirements To Register As A Careem Captain

The documents required to register your car or yourself as a Careem captain are:

  • A valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • A valid driving license.
  • A personality verification form from Police.

Procedure to Register at Careem as a Captain

If you meet all the basic requirements mentioned above, then as an applicant you have to follow a specific procedure to successfully register yourself as a Careem captain. Follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below to register yourself as a captain at Careem:

  • Log-on to Careem’s official website.
  • Select your city by clicking on the drop down menu.

  • Fill the form that requires you to provide your personal details including CNIC number and driving license number.

  • After filling the form and uploading all the required documents, Careem’s team will formally review your application and will invite you for a free training session.
  • After completing the training session you will be asked to take a driving test under the supervision of experts from Careem. Pass the test to become a Careem captain.

Note: Careem will also assess your vehicle’s condition during the registration process.
Congratulations! You can now register yourself as a Careem captain and can start earning.

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  2. I am a student and work as a careem caption ( part time).
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