How to Get Advance Balance from Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Ufone & Zong

Telecommunication companies in Pakistan have introduced a unique feature for all their users – advance balance. This feature and facility come in handy for users when they’re out of balance and are in dire need to contact their friends, family, colleague, etc. With this facility, users can get instant recharge of Rs. 15 (varies from company to company) through which they can get in touch with their loved ones.

The five telecommunication companies of Pakistan, Mobilink, Warid, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone have launched this facility. Learn here how to get the advance balance from each of these five companies:

Jazz/Mobilink/Warid Advance Balance

Jazz users can avail the Mobilink advance balance facility as soon as their balance drops below the threshold of Rs. 15. Currently, this service is available for prepaid customers only. Following are the details pertaining to Jazz loan:

Subscription CodeUnsubscription CodeChargesAdvance Amount
Dial *112#Dial *112*43Rs. 3.29 (including tax)Rs. 15

The loan amount plus tax will be deducted from the first recharge that you do after obtaining Mobilink loan. You cannot obtain a second loan, until and unless you have returned the first loan amount. Once you’ve subscribed to this service, it will be available for the next 4 hours only. You will be eligible for advance balance whenever your balance drops below Rs. 15, provided you’ve returned the previous advance amount.

Telenor Advance Balance

Telenor offers the facility of obtaining Rs. 15 as advance balance without restricting users upon a minimum balance. Users can obtain this loan regardless of their current balance, the only condition is that all their previous loans should be cleared. The table below explains how to take loan in Telenor:

Subscription TypeSubscription CodeChargesAdvance Amount
PAYGDial *0#Rs. 4.18 (including tax)Rs. 15

Telenor users can easily obtain advance balance by dialing the Telenor loan code from their mobile. The advance amount will be valid for 30 days only.

Ufone Advance Balance

Ufone offers UAdvance service to all its prepaid, as well as, postpaid customers. Prepaid customers will be eligible for Ufone Advance balance when their balance drops below Rs. 11.95. Here’s how to get advance balance in Ufone:

Subscription TypeSubscription CodeChargesAdvance Amount
Prepaid/PostpaidDial *456#Rs. 4.4 (including tax)Rs. 20

Prepaid customers need to dial the ufone loan code for prepaid users in order to obtain UAdvance. The advance amount plus the charges are deducted when the user next recharges his/her account.

Zong Advance Balance

Zong users who haven’t used their SIM for more than a month are not eligible for this offer. Loan in Zong is offered to users who have less than Rs. 5 balance in their account. Whenever a Zong user recharges his/her account, the loan amount plus tax will be deducted automatically. Here’s how to take Zong loan:

Subscription TypeSubscription CodeChargesAdvance Amount
Zong Advance Loan*911#Rs. 3.57 (including tax)Rs. 20

Dial the above Zong loan balance code to obtain an advance amount of up to Rs. 20.

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