Ufone SMS Packages

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ufone offers interesting packages to its customers in order to retain its massive customer base in the country. With that being said, Ufone offers a wide range of SMS packages to entertain the demand of its customers. The article is aimed at discussing in detail all the SMS packages that Ufone currently offers.

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Packages include daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, nightly, and fortnightly as well as a 45 days package. Here are the details about pricing, subscription, and validity.

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Following are the Daily Ufone SMS Packages:

Ufone DailyRs. 4.771600 SMS1 DaySMS “Sub” to 605
Ufone Daily On-netRs. 2 + tax500 SMS1 DaySMS “Sub” to 611
Ufone Night SMS PackageRs. 1300 SMS1 DaySMS “Sub” to 609
Ufone Power HourRs. 660SMS, 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs1 DayDial *99#
Ufone Super Recharge PackageRs.45300 on-net minutes, 10 off-net mins, 300 SMS, 100MBs1 DayDial *300#
Ufone Uth DailyRs. 1.99 + tax600 SMS1 DaySMS “Sub” to 612

Ufone 15 Days or Fortnightly Package

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation codeUnsubscribe
Ufone 15 Days SMS PackageRs. 30 (Excl. tax)10000 SMS to all networks15 DaysSend Sub to 603Send Unsub to 506
Ufone Mini Super Card Activation Code Rs. 299Rs. 299 (Incl. tax)500 On-net Mins (PTCL, Vfone, U to U)+75 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+300 MB Internet15 DaysLoad Ufone Mini Super Card worth of Rs. 299 or Users can also this offer via ULoad

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Ufone Weekly SMS PackageRs.101200 SMS7 DaysSMS “Sub” to 608
Ufone 15 Days SMS PackageRs.3010000 SMS7 DaysSMS “Sub” to 603
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs.80100 On-net minutes, 1000MBs, 100 SMS7 DaysDial 5050#
Ufone Super Mini CardRs. 299500 On-net minutes,75 off-net minutes, 300MBs, 500 SMS7 DaysLoad Ufone Mini Super Card Worth Of Rs. 299

Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package

Here are the subscription details of Monthly Unlimited Ufone SMS Package:

Ufone Monthly SMS PackageRs.8020000 SMS30 DaysSMS "sub" to 607
Ufone Super CardRs. 5201000 On-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1000MBs, 1000 SMS30 DaysLoad Super Card With Value Of Rs. 520
Ufone Super Card PlusRs.5991200 On-net minutes,180 off-net minutes, 1200MBs, 1200 SMS30 DaysLoad Ufone Super Card Worth Rs. 599

Ufone Monthly Uth FnF Package

Ufone offers an unlimited number of SMS to its Uth Package customers:

SubscriptionNo of SMSValidity SMS ‘Sub’ to
Rs 5 + tax Unlimited 30 Days604

Ufone Yearly SMS Package

Following are the details of the Yearly Ufone SMS Package:

SubscriptionNo of SMSValidity SMS ‘Sub’ to
Rs 666 + tax Unlimited One Year 601

Ufone Night SMS Package (12 AM to 8 AM)

In addition to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly SMS packages, Ufone also offers Night SMS Package:

SubscriptionNo of SMSValidity SMS ‘Sub’ to
Rs 1 + tax 3008 Hours8 Hours

Ufone 45 Days SMS Package

Ufone customers can enjoy 45 days SMS package as follows:

SubscriptionNo of SMSValidity SMS ‘Sub’ to
Rs 99 + tax 30,00045 Days614

Ufone Postpay SMS Package

Postpay customers can enjoy 10,000 SMS to any network for 1 month. Here are the details of Monthly Postpay Ufone SMS Packages:

Subscription No. of SMSValiditySMS ‘Sub’to Unsub
Rs. 150 + tax10,000 SMS1 Month6108610

This service is available for the following Postpay packages only: U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, and U5000

The customer can check the remaining free SMS by sending a blank SMS to 8606. SMS to shortcode 8606 will be charged at Rs. 0.50 + tax

All rates are exclusive of GST

How to Subscribe to Ufone SMS Packages?

Step 1: Go to ‘Write message’ and type ‘Sub’

Step 2: Send to the respective code of the required subscription plan or SMS bundle Example: Send “Sub” in an SMS to 603 for subscribing to Fortnightly Package

How to Unsubscribe Ufone SMS Packages?

To unsubscribe the package at any time, simply write message “Unsub” and send to 506

To unsubscribe weekly SMS Package SMS ‘Unsub’ to 8066

Terms & Conditions for Ufone SMS Packages

  • All rates are exclusive of tax
  • To check the remaining free SMS and expiry date, you can send a blank SMS to 606
  • The validity of the Daily Package is 24 hours from the time of subscription
  • The Daily SMS Package will now automatically re-subscribe after 24 hours, i.e. you will not have to re-subscribe the bucket through 605 every day
  • SMS to shortcode 600 and 606 will be charged at 5 paisa+tax


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